Jacksonville is known for covering a lot of ground, so it’s no surprise that there are a few hidden gems that I’m sure even the locals don’t know about. Out towards the northeast corner of Jacksonville there is a small preserve called Pumpkin Hill Creek. And just behind the Horse trails of PHC is a wonderful little park called Betz Tiger Point Preserve.

After a long drive on a single lane dirt road you’ll find yourself deep in the Florida woods. In the middle of beautiful live oak trees and swaying palms surrounded by brush sits a small picnic area. A fresh breeze comes off the creek as wildlife abounds around you. The few that do know of this secluded place use it to go fishing off the dock, and/or go for a hike on the several trails that the preserve offers.

So whether it’s to relax or get your step goal for the day, take the trip out to Betz Tiger Point and experience these awesome views and scenery shown in the pictures below.  It’s well worth the drive!

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