There are too many places to eat in Jacksonville, so when it comes time to choose one the choice is overwhelming. When dining out someplace new, most of us want to find a place with a nice atmosphere, great service, and quality food. Kim’s gives you all that and more.

The owner Mama Kim is the kindest, funniest, most caring entrepreneur I’ve ever come across in the restaurant industry. She not only uses her own time to serve tables and talk to guests, but she even answers any questions you have about the cuisine and culture.

The atmosphere is so homey and comfortable, you won’t even realize you are out in public cause it feels like you’re surrounded by family. There are two options for tables, traditional and grill style, as you can cook the food right in front of you! No worries about how or when as Mama Kim makes sure everything is done perfectly.

Now the food here is not only authentic, but Kim even has her own creative dishes using traditional Korean ingredients. Bibimbap is by far the most accessible dish and it’s done the best here.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Mama makes it easy to reach out of your comfort zone.

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