Chris Hazelip

Practicing attorney in Jacksonville, author, and teacher in local churches.

My role as a teacher in local churches started in 1987. Although my journey has involved mis-steps along the way, I am committed as a life-long pursuit to know Jesus, and to follow His teachings better. As part of that commitment, I have regularly attended Bible-teaching churches for over 40 years, and regularly study the Scriptures on my own.

As to my education and professional background, I graduated from Wheaton College (IL) in 1981, B.A. (Philosophy), and then attended law school at the University of Florida, where I graduated in 1984. I am board certified by The Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law, and the focus of my practice is the litigation and trial of jury and non-jury lawsuits.

The most intense learning experiences I’ve ever had, however, are undoubtedly in my family life through Sally, my wife of over 32 years, and our four children. God bless them, every one.

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